Our Story

For more than 50 years, Champion Sports has produced high-quality fitness, sports and physical education equipment. Now we’re throwing ourselves onto the playground with our Rhino Skin brand.

The Rhino Skin brand includes a line of safe and durable multipurpose balls for children and adults. Whether you want to play a game of four square in the driveway or take part in a riveting game of dodgeball in the gym, Rhino Skin balls are the perfect option.

Our History

Like many of the best things in life, Champion Sports was born in a basement. To be specific, it was the Bronx basement of Bernard and Dolores Meller, and their first product was the Leather Boxing Rope, a jump rope Bernard made by entirely by hand.

Over time, the business expanded, and the Mellers began sourcing and procuring new products for their line. Eventually, Champion Sports opened its first location in Lower Manhattan, and since then, opened a second in New Jersey and become one of the most well-known brands in sporting equipment. We are proud to continue our growing initiatives as a privately owned family operation, progressing with our second and third generations.

Our Manufacturing Process

Today, we design and manufacture all Rhino Skin balls in our state-of-the-art Swedish factory. Standard processes aren’t our game; we custom-built every machine in the complex specifically for manufacturing our unique brand of balls.

After manufacturing the lightweight core, we cover each ball with a proprietary coating that increases durability and grip and eliminates contact sting. We mix the coating in-house to eliminate waste and reduce environmental impact. We also avoid using materials that could lead to dangerous chemical leaks — this makes our balls safer for both children and the Earth, so it’s a double win.

After we make each batch of balls, we submit them for testing and approval by Eurofins, an organization that surpasses traditional U.S. standards. Don’t worry, though — our balls are also approved in the United States for toy safety.

Our Products

Our line of Rhino Skin balls is always growing! We offer low-bounce, medium-bounce and high-bounce balls, as well as a variety of thermal balls, glow-in-the-dark balls and spider balls. Browse inventory from all of our different partner resellers including Amazon, Walmart, Jet and Kohls today to see how our products can meet your sporting needs. You can view our full list of retailers here!



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